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How A Create A More Productive Hybrid Work Environment

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Where it used to be that employees needed to be in the office seated at their desks full-time each day, today’s landscape has changed. The pandemic has permanently changed large swathes of the traditional office landscape forcing employers and employees to re-think what a work environment looks like. While some companies have embraced a fully remote workforce, for many, the solution is to fall in the middle of time spent in the office and at home – the hybrid work environment.

The hybrid work environment means employees are in and out of the office either on set days or as needed, which means the needs of the office space and resources can fluctuate daily. To ensure it’s always a productive work environment, here are a few tips you may want to consider implementing. These tips will make things more organised, streamlined and efficient for employees.

Set an In-Person Schedule for Hybrid Employees

A main feature of the hybrid concept is to allow for flexibility, giving employees the ability to work in multiple places. And while this can be a wonderful feature, employers still need some sort of schedule of where to find and expect their employees on a given day. This is why it’s a good idea to create a routine that lays out how often you expect employees to work in the office. 

Use a Desk Booking System – Ensure All Employees Have a Desk

An issue that occurs in hybrid work environments is the need to have a desk for each employee when in the office. Companies that have hybrid employees typically have a smaller space with fewer desks, since it’s rare the full staff would be there on the same day. Instead, the idea is to find a desk to work at when in the office. So, why not transition to a smart office with a desk booking system?

A desk booking system is a digital tool, usually available through an app, that employees can use to find an open desk and book it before they arrive. This means they can start working immediately and have a fully productive day, instead of wandering around looking for an open spot to work and potentially having to do that multiple times in a day. It takes desk management to the next level, and employers can also use built-in analytic tools this software can have.

Ensure Employees Have the Tools They Need

Because employees aren't usually in the office for long, you also need to be sure they have all the tools, equipment and software necessary to do their job. They should be able to sit down at a desk and get working immediately. If they have to spend the first hour of their day searching for a particular item, then it’s not going to be as productive as it could have been. 

Providing hybrid employees with laptops can be a great solution as they will have everything they need at their fingertips in terms of software, files, documents and digital tools, and it can go anywhere with them.

These tips will help you to create a seamless hybrid work environment that allows for maximum productivity.


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