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What Is an Arborist and What Do They Do?

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You've probably heard the term arborist before, but what is an arborist? What do they do? And why are they needed? Well, in simple terms, an arborist is a person that treats, cares for, and removes trees. But there's actually much more to it than that. In this article, we'll explain what an arborist is in more detail, and we'll answer some common questions that many people have about arborists.

What an Arborist Does

Arborists are responsible for the health of trees on private property, commercial properties, parks, and more. They are responsible for inspecting trees to determine if they are healthy and safe and managing trees by pruning and lopping them as needed. If a tree is diseased or injured, they also have the skills and experience to remove it safely. Arborists perform a number of vital tasks; let's go over them now.

Consulting & Advice

An arborist can provide advice on the best practices for caring for a certain tree. If you’re planting a new tree, an arborist will be able to tell you the best place to plant the tree and the appropriate time for planting. Arborists can also advise you on the best species of tree for a particular location. Also, if you have an established tree, an arborist can give advice on how best to maintain the tree.

Tree Removal

If a tree is sick or dying, its health and safety are in jeopardy. In these situations, an arborist may remove the tree entirely. This is typically the case with diseased trees that cannot be treated effectively or with trees that pose a safety risk to the surrounding environment. When removing a tree, an arborist will make sure to use proper safety precautions to prevent damaging the surrounding property.

Lopping & Pruning

Lopping and pruning are two common tasks performed by arborists. Lopping is the process of cutting off branches of trees to remove deadwood or reduce the size of the tree. Pruning is the process of removing deadwood, shaping the tree into a certain structure, or removing branches that pose a safety risk.

Emergency Service

When a tree suffers damage, it’s important to have it inspected by an arborist as soon as possible so that the damage can be remediated, and the tree can recover. There are many hazards associated with trees, such as falling branches and roots that have grown into nearby structures. When these dangers are present, an arborist can provide a thorough inspection and make recommendations for corrective action.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a common service that arborists offer. Stump grinding is the process of removing an entire stump from the ground. It's a quicker, less expensive alternative to digging out a stump and can be completed in one visit. Stump grinding is safe for the environment and does not require as much manual labour as digging out a stump.


Some trees need help getting the nutrients they need from the soil, so an arborist can provide a nutrient-rich top dressing to the root bed. This will give the tree the energy it needs to thrive. The most common type of mulch is shredded wood, but bark chips, leaves, and even grass clippings can be used as mulch as well. Arborists can apply mulch to the trees on your property.


Arborists are specialists that work to maintain and care for trees and foliage. In most cases, they are concerned with preserving trees, but they can also provide tree removal services when necessary. So, if you need any help with the trees on your property, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional arborist today.

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