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How To Write A Phenomenal Dissertation Introduction

A good dissertation introduction is key to an excellent thesis. It's your chance to hook readers and set them up for the rest of your paper. But what makes an introduction phenomenal? What goes into writing one health? 

This article will explain how you can ensure your dissertation introduction is on-point and ready to impress your professors. Another way to assure excellence in a research assignment is to rely on assignment writers to help you with an outstanding dissertation.

Outline the overall purpose of your dissertation introduction.

To outline the overall purpose of your thesis:

  • * State the overall purpose of your thesis. This sentence should explain why you are writing the thesis, what it's about, and how it fits into the larger picture of research on a given topic.
  • * If you're writing an exploratory paper, this is where you'd include a sentence about how this work will contribute new insights to existing knowledge in the field.
  • * If you're writing a review paper or a systematic review related to previous studies on some topic area (e.g., "This study provides evidence against hypothesis X because..."), then here is where you would explain precisely what hypotheses X were being tested in those other studies and why they were wrong-minded or incomplete (or whatever).

Introduce the background of your topic.

The first paragraph of your dissertation introduction should be dedicated to explaining why you are writing this paper, its purpose, and the background of your topic. Generally, this paragraph should be about one-third of the total length of your Introduction section. 

If you are writing a dissertation for which there are existing literature reviews (e.g., in an area such as nursing), then provide a brief overview or summary of these existing bodies of work with relevant examples. This will help readers understand where you fit into the broader context surrounding your research question(s). Also, mention any previous studies conducted on similar topics or approaches to yours so that readers can see how yours differs from them (if it does).

Outline the main points of your essay.

The main points of your essay, or whatever you're writing, should be clear and concise. You don't want to confuse the reader by burying the main points in an avalanche of details. Just ensure that if someone reads your introduction and then skips directly to your conclusion, they'll still be able to put together what you're saying without any trouble.

In addition to being transparent, the main points should also be relevant: they should connect with your overall thesis (whatever that is), and they shouldn't contradict it; they need to connect with the background of your topic; and finally, they need to contribute towards achieving whatever purpose you set out for yourself in this piece of writing.

Write a good introduction, and you'll be off to a good start!

The introduction is a crucial part of your dissertation. It should be clear and concise, and it must be relevant to the rest of your essay. It should also be the first thing a reader reads when they flip through your dissertation.

Your introduction will help set the tone for approaching an issue, so make sure it’s polished and well-written before moving on to other parts of your paper! On the other hand, dissertation writers are also available for students who cannot write their dissertation projects.


A well-written dissertation introduction is key to a successful dissertation. It will help you engage your audience, establish your credibility as an expert on the topic, and lay out your argument in a clear way that will be easy for your reader to follow.

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