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Australian Rules Vs American Football Difference Explained in Detail

If you've ever played soccer or Australian football, you've probably been curious about the differences in the two sports. From Offside restrictions to Downs, here are a few highlights. What's more, you'll learn which rules are similar to soccer and which are different. Hopefully, this will make it easier to understand which sport is more similar to soccer. After all, both football and soccer have many similarities.

Australian Football Vs American Football

If you're wondering if there are any differences between the two popular sports, consider the following: the scoring system is very similar. Both league and football games award points for touchdowns. In American football, the goal is to kick the ball into the end zone between the posts. Alternatively, the player can also kick the ball between the goal posts and score a try. American football also has the option to award an extra point for a touchdown, which is similar to a conversion in rugby.

While the two games play similar concepts, there are some significant differences. The NFL's players can't be tripped, interfere with a throw, or dive for a high ball. They can also climb onto an opponent's back and make a catch. Additionally, the Australian Football rules differ from the NFL's. However, players can be deemed legends and their contributions to the sport are often overlooked.

Offside restrictions

Offside restrictions in football have changed dramatically over the past century in a league fixtures. In the earliest forms of the game, a player could only play the ball, not pass it. In 1866, the offside restriction was changed to include forward passes instead of sideways ones. The difference in the offside restriction between American football and Australian football is primarily due to the way these rules were implemented. In Australia, for example, the rules of offside restricted a player from being on the ball while on it.

Another difference between the two codes is the way that the ball is kicked. In Australian rules, a player must kick the ball over the goal line before he or she can touch it. The players who are in the goal line may kick the ball as far as 30 meters away, which differs from the rules of rugby. In rugby, players are free to kick goals. In Australian football, players must kick the ball over the goal line.


A game of Australian Football is played on a field that is elongated, much like those found in rugby. The ball, known as the football, is passed to a teammate by kicking it and using the hands. Australian players prefer kicking the ball than catching it. If the ball is caught cleanly, the team obtaining possession of the ball gets a free kick or a shot at goal.

In the early days of football, teams had only three downs. In the 19th century, the game was inspired by rugby, which is why downs were introduced. In 1912, the Americans added a fourth down to the game. Then, a two-year hiatus interrupted the discussion of changing the rules. It wasn't until the war ended that the discussion was resumed. After the game was stopped for the two-year World War I began that there was no time for discussion of changing the rules.

Similarities to soccer

While the game's rules are somewhat similar, the two sports are significantly different. While soccer and AFL share the same team structure, they use slightly different methods to move the ball and score goals. In both cases, the success of a team comes from its ability to control the ball and execute fundamental skills under pressure. This makes the similarities between soccer and AFL all the more striking. But what are the differences?

In 1892, the rules of soccer and Australian Football diverged. While both sports have a similar history, the rules of the two games differ in important aspects. In the United States, players wear helmets and body armor, while in Australia, players only wear a gum shield and light padding. In both games, the ball is kicked with both hands. Both teams use a ball that is thrown at the opposition's goal post.

Profit potential

Many people may wonder if there's a profit potential in the Australian Football League or American-style football. While the NFL is the most popular sport in the U.S. both on a commercial and a fanatical level, Aussie rules is not far behind.

According to average attendance figures, the AFL is the fourth-largest domestic professional sporting league in the world. In addition to being immensely exciting, both leagues are also extremely lucrative. While these two sports will never be direct competitors, they can both offer profitable business opportunities in different areas of the world.

The Australian Football League is in dire need of global exposure. Its success has been largely dependent on TV deals and ad deals with global brands. But with the help of a global brand like Toyota, the AFL can make a killing.

The sport also has the institutional structure to capitalize on these lucrative opportunities. Therefore, the AFL should consider making the most of this opportunity. In fact, it is a better bet than the alternative: Australian football has a much wider global audience than its American counterpart.

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