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How Business Owners Can Bolster Defense Against Pests

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When running a business, you tend to overlook minor issues and focus on the big ones like revenues, profits, and retention. Pests are one of the concerns that take a backseat for most business owners. But the implications of ignoring them can be dire. Bugs and rodents can damage more than your furniture and assets. They can affect your reputation in the long run.

Imagine the impression a customer gets when they see a stray rodent or bugs on your premises. Likewise, employees will hate to work in an unhygienic workplace. It is crucial to prevent and manage pests, regardless of the size and domain of your business. Luckily, you need not do much to bolster your defense against pests. Here are some actionable tips that help.

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene

Clean premises are appealing for both customers and employees. In fact, cleanliness and hygiene become even more vital in the new normal when the threat of the virus is still there. Moreover, steps to keep your workspace clean and hygienic protect it against pests. Ensure a clutter-free space because cardboard boxes and unused stuff can serve as hiding places for pests. Also, keep the pantry and break rooms free of coffee spills and crumbs. Overflowing trash cans attract bugs and rodents, so make sure they are emptied often. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors should be a part of the daily routine. A weekly deep cleaning job keeps pests away.

Inspect stock and items arriving at your facility

The stock and items arriving at your facility are risk factors. Boxes and bags coming from outside may harbor bugs and rodents. Things can be even more daunting for retail and hospitality business owners because food supplies are at high risk. But inspecting all incoming items for signs of infestation can help prevent pests from infiltrating your premises. Look for signs of damage like gnaw marks and tears on the boxes and packages, and do not bring them in until you do away with the suspected intruders.

Invest in ongoing pest management

Besides taking preventive measures, you must also take a proactive approach to defend your business against pests. The best way to do it is by investing in ongoing pest management. Collaborate with a reputed commercial pest control company in your area to stay one step ahead with your defenses. Frequent inspection and extermination can prevent full-blown infestations. The best part is that regular service saves you from the massive expense of treating an infestation. Not to mention, you can prevent reputational damage and business disruption due to these unwanted intruders.

Seal off entry points

Eliminating pests from your property is crucial, but preventing them from coming back is even more important. Cracks and gaps in the building structure serve as entryways and eventually result in pest infestation. Sealing them for good makes it impossible for pests to crawl in. Maintain an inspection schedule to check the building for such entry points. Repair any damages to address them at the earliest. Drywall damages are common in commercial buildings, so pay extra attention to them. Plug areas around ductwork and vents. Keep garage doors closed and install sweeps and weather stripping on doors. Small measures can save you from big trouble down the line.

Eliminate leaks and standing water

Pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rats thrive in damp areas. If there are leakages and standing water on your premises, you may have to deal with an infestation sooner or later. Moreover, moisture can cause structural damage to your property in the long run. Regular checks enable you to identify potential leaks that can turn into a big problem later. Get regular checks by plumbing experts and address such concerns with repairs before they worsen.

Keep an eye on landscaping and indoor plants

Plants, flowers, and other landscaping features enhance the aesthetics of your premises, but they may attract pests and serve as hiding spots. Opt for plants that are less likely to attract bugs and rodents. Ensure the same for indoor plants as well. You can even look for indoor plants that repel pests as they can keep your premises healthy and beautiful. Avoid overwatering as it can cause gnats. Place indoor plants strategically, and pay attention to their maintenance.

Managing pests is a crucial aspect of running a business. So you must keep it on your operational checklist. Underestimating these enemies can land you in big trouble. The best thing you can do is collaborate with experts who can keep a constant watch on your facility and deal with infestation risks effectively.

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