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Search Engine Optimisation Tips for 2022

While the digital landscape of business has significantly changed over the years, search engine optimisation remains an integral online marketing strategy. And for a good reason: it offers vast benefits that many advertising methods lack. From enhancing the quantity and quality of online traffic to building credibility, SEO is an invaluable strategy many continue to depend on.

However, the process can be a little complicated and challenging to keep up with since the algorithm behind Google is frequently updated. It’s why most choose to hire an SEO agency like Ocere to handle everything instead. So, to guide you, we've compiled some tips that should help your business reap the rewards of SEO for 2022.

Understand the Core Web Vitals of your online domain

The Core Web Vitals are metrics measuring a website’s responsiveness, visual stability, and speed. You may ask yourself why it’s crucial to be familiar with these signals, and the reason for it is that Google now ranks web pages based on them. And if your site fails to meet the accepted scores, the chances are that it’ll fail to rank high on the search engine results pages or SERPs.

  1. First input delay. Also known as FID, the first input delay is a signal that gauges the responsiveness of a web page. Simply put, it’s the amount of time before it becomes interactive, and the ideal score should be lower than a hundred milliseconds.

  2. Cumulative layout shift. This indicates the visual stability of a site. In other words, it refers to the number of unexpected shifts in the layout of the visual page's content, and it should always be no more than 0.1.

  3. Largest contentful paint. The metric focuses on the speed of the page and how long the content loads. Anything lower than 2.5 seconds means that the website isn’t loading fast enough.

Regularly produce content

It might sound obvious, but many businesses and marketers get caught up with all their on-page SEO details that they forget about publishing new and high-quality content for their target audiences. With millions of blog posts published daily, it's easy to get left behind if you don't create new material regularly. So be sure that you put out new content every day, and don't forget to follow the best practices of search engine optimisation, like incorporating keywords naturally into the posts and including alt text for images.

Prioritise the user's experience

User experience is a critical factor of SEO. Without it, you’ll fail to engage users. Since Google takes factors like click-through rate, dwell time, and bounce rate into consideration when ranking websites, it’s vital that your UX remains at an acceptable level. So always consider your online domain’s mobile friendliness, navigation, page speed, and interactivity, and make improvements when necessary.


It's not feasible to keep abreast of all the changes and updates that Google's algorithm goes through. However, by focusing on the user, you won't have to. Ensure that you always prioritise your audience when implementing SEO practices. It will help you achieve excellent results.


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