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6 Alternatives To Traditional Burial Options

While many people don’t like to focus on death, unfortunately it is an inevitable fate. Rather than avoiding hard conversations, it may be beneficial to talk to loved ones about your final wishes. This way, you can be treated to a well-suited send off. Additionally, by making arrangements now, your family doesn’t have to make plans while also dealing with their grief.

When it comes to arranging final wishes, there are a lot of options to consider. In recent times, these options have only grown. While a wealth of choice might seem overwhelming, think positively. With so many options to choose from, you have the ability to pick the best option for you and your family.

6 burial options to consider

Traditionally, burial options were a topic of conversation amongst those wishing to be buried. However, thanks to changes in burial options, even those who wish to be cremated are thinking about burial sites. In fact, a Circle of Life survey found that, among those who prefer to be cremated, 7 in 10 would prefer their ashes to be scattered in a special place.

Whether opting for a cremation or a burial, there are a number of options for people from all walks of life to consider. While this topic may seem confronting, it is important to remember that in both life and death, you should always have your wishes respected. That’s why it’s so important to think about burial options while there is time.

  1. Resomation

The act of resomation is, in some circles, referred to as water cremation. The process of resomation uses heated water, in conjunction with potassium hydroxide to liquefy the body. At the end of this process, only bones are left behind.

Acting as an alternative to traditional cremation, the process of resomation is finished when the bones are pulverised. Then, the fragments are returned to the family so they can choose their loved one’s final resting place.

  1. Natural Burial

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, it’s important that burial options also implement changes. For the environmentally concerned, a natural burial is a great alternative to traditional burials.

Under natural burial rules, bodies do not undergo the embalming process, nor are they placed in concrete vaults that line graves. Instead, bodies are wrapped in a biodegradable casket with the idea being that they decompose naturally and reconnect with earth.

  1. Eternal Reefs

While only available in specific states and countries, eternal reefs are sure to become mainstream burial options in years to come. This process begins when the crushed bones left over from cremation are mixed with concrete to create artificial reef material.

Then, areas in the ocean where reefs need restoring are scouted. Once the perfect spot is found, the concrete orb is placed in the water. This attracts fish and other living organisms to the reef.

  1. Burial at Sea

A burial at sea might sound ideal, however, it’s worth noting that there are strict restrictions in place for this type of burial. In fact, this type of send off is usually reserved for marines or others with a strong connection to the water.

Additionally, bodies cannot be embalmed or placed in a traditional casket. Instead, the body must be sewn into a weighted shroud. Finally, sea burials cannot interfere with other water based activities occurring on the day.

  1. Tree Burial

At the moment, tree burials are still in conceptual stages, however, it seems like only a matter of time before they are used in the mainstream. As it stands, the tree burial process utilises organic, biodegradable burial pods, with the deceased’s body inside.

Once the pod is buried, either a seed or tree is planted. Over time, the deceased’s remains will turn into nutrients for the plant or tree, rooting them together for the rest of time in a beautiful act of symbolism.

  1. Green burial

The term green burial is all encompassing. It refers to the cemetery where the body is buried- specifically that the cemetery doesn’t use pesticides and chemicals, nor machines to dig graves. It also refers to the burial process where no cement plot is to be used.

Saying goodbye on your terms

No one likes to think about leaving friends and family behind. However, with more burial options than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly important to have the hard conversations with loved ones. While easing the burden on the ones left behind, these kinds of conversations also help you say goodbye on your own terms.

For those looking for a send off that really matches their personality, it is worth considering different burial options. If traditional cremation and burial practices don’t seem quite right, think left of centre. Choose a burial option that both suits your personality and respects all your wishes. With such a variety of choice, you are sure to choose the right option.


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