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13 Ways your Business can Excel using Email Marketing

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Research says about 90% of consumers check their emails regularly. A correctly executed email marketing strategy can bring unbelievable benefits to your business. Email marketing is highly cost-effective and can do wonders for business at an affordable cost.

Here are some great ways by which your business can excel using email marketing:

  • Short and simple emails
Stuffing too much information in an email can overwhelm your audience. As typical readers have a very short attention span, keeping your emails crisp, short, and simple is wise. Headlines need to be sharp and the content needs to be precise. Images can be opted in place of voluminous text to drive your point.

  • Customer Segmentation
No two customers are alike. Every customer is different, and one email cannot suit all customers. So, it is smart to create cohorts to enable effective content planning. Personalisation is the key to addressing different kinds of customers. 

All your leads may not be ready to make a purchase. Some are sales qualified, and some are marketing qualified. Even the qualified leads can be at different stages of the marketing funnel. A lead without product information can benefit little from getting coupons. Segmentation enables marketers to connect with their audience in a better manner. It is based on customer location, their lifecycle stage, language, the industry they belong to, their job title, previous interaction, if any, and so on.

Demographics, geography, position in the sales funnel, and website behaviour are some of the segmentation factors that drive email effectiveness.

  • Quality over Quantity
Too many emails will feel like spam to customers, especially if they contain the same information! Smart marketing is to craft one great email that delivers the intended message effectively. Avoid too many emojis and all caps for better readability. Put yourself in your readers' place and draft the email copy with this in mind. 

  • Mobile-friendly Emails
It is a world of smartphones out there. Making your emails mobile-friendly is not a luxury anymore. It indeed is mandatory if you do not want to lose potential customers. Advanced email marketing services can help you with mobile-friendly templates.

  • Personalisation
Your customers must find your email messages relevant. For this, you need to gather information about your email recipients, and based on that, you can personalise and customise your email messages to attract your target audience.

  • Automated Emails
As a business owner, you must look for avenues to save time and effort, and automated emails help you achieve that. They make your job quick and easy. Welcome emails, order/purchase confirmation emails, password updates, etc., can be automated for efficient email marketing.

  • Clear Expectations
It is good to inform your email recipients about what they can expect from you. Keep your audience informed about details such as how many and how often you would be sending emails. You can provide your readers with options to subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletters. Your subscribers will appreciate this transparency. 

  • Encourage Sign-ups
As an intelligent marketer, one must try to make the most out of the leads they get to ensure continuous customer engagement. Readers should be given the chance to sign-up for your emails. Unobtrusive pop-ups and embedded forms help you achieve this.

  • Connect with Social Media
Emails can be the bridge that connects your email subscribers to the social profiles of your brands and businesses. This factor allows for continued connection with your audience, so that you can provide them with more and more updated content via social media. A successful email marketing strategy requires the inclusion of information about your social media in the email copy.

  • Lead Magnet
This refers to how you attract your audience. Your emails should offer some value to their readers. Different content types such as whitepapers, ebooks, reports, checklists, and webinars can work as good lead magnets. Some of the characteristics that describe an effective lead magnet are: they address the customers' problem, get delivered digitally, and align your offers with the core content of the email.

  • Opt-in form
Visually appealing email design makes a great opt-in form. Your email content should match the headlines. A mismatch would leave the readers feeling deceived. Simple forms with fewer fields make an opt-in more receptive and responsive. Double-checking the form flow ensures your opt-in is working. 

  • Avoid Spam Folder
Your emails must be protected from ending up in the spam folder. Techniques such as whitelisting, double opt-in, and avoiding spam trigger words (e.g., Order now, click below) help your emails escape spam folders and land in inboxes. 

  • Performance Tracking
Tracking the performance of your email marketing strategy helps tweak for better efficiency and impact. Some of the key metrics to watch out for are open rate, click-through rate, un-subscription rate, and so on. 

Rest assured, a reliable email service provider can help you ensure the deliverability of your emails and the overall success of your email marketing strategy.

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