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Now You Can Drive Traffic and Conversions Through Meta Descriptions

  • Written by Ester Adams

You have tried everything to market your company. You have optimized your images, written compelling product descriptions, and mastered the different components of search engine optimization (SEO). However, there is still something missing.

It seems that there is one element of SEO that is giving you some trouble. And the best thing that you can do is look for great meta description examples that can inspire you.

What is Meta Description?

The meta description consists of 155 to 160 characters that describe what your web page is all about. When your meta description comprises the keywords being searched by users, then search engines will include your web page in search results. Therefore, compared to page titles, meta descriptions are not considered as one of the ranking factors.

However, meta descriptions can attract users to click on a certain page, making it a vital factor for page SEO. Several websites will be displayed on the search engine results page when you are typing keywords or phrases into the Google search engines (SERP).

The words that are printed in blue at the top are the Title Tags. These are the titles of the web pages. Underneath them, you can see the web page's description, which consists of 155 characters or less. These are the meta descriptions.

Here are three steps that can help your business show on Google searches.

Divide Your Home Page Meta Description

You can get some ideas on how to write your meta description by reading other people's works. Although they might look so easy, yet they are difficult to write. Since your meta description includes roughly 155 characters, it can't be much longer than a tweet.

A good meta description will provide a summary of what the website is all about and a significant reason for clicking the titles. It will happen so fast that most users don't even notice that they have made a decision. These searchers will click on the link without thinking about it. Perhaps it is due to their curiosity.

The following are some excellent meta description examples:

  • * The meta description of Death Wish Coffee only contains twenty-one words, yet they are very effective. The first three words, "Death Wish Coffee," already give you some idea of its product and how they define its brand.

  • * The company claims that they are the "top online coffee-seller." It means that they are the best ecommerce store that is selling coffee. The succeeding words back up their claim that they are the best. They use organic ingredients, and they are an ethical company. The company wants to make sure that everybody gets a strong cup of coffee.

Dividing Your Product Page Meta Description

It is a bit easier to write meta descriptions for your product pages compared to your home page. It is because product pages do not describe your company as a whole. Rather they talk about something beneficial to your customers.

For instance, if you are selling lawn mowers, let your customers imagine how quickly and easily they can manage the grass. Or, if you are selling spatulas, your visitors should know how this tool can make their cooking so much easier.

You can make your meta description more convincing by starting your words in all-caps. It is what companies like So Worth Loving's stickers do. The description tells us that not all stickers can last long. However, the company claims that its products can solve that problem.

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