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Pure Trio helps domestic violence survivors sleep soundly

  • Written by News Co

Australia’s newest entrant to the perfect mattress search  Pure Trio, has partnered with community-drive organisation, RizeUp Australia, to donate much-needed mattresses for courageous families escaping domestic and family violence.

As Pure Trio offers a one year trial period to every mattress customer, any mattress returned in that time will be donated to RizeUp in support of the charity’s key service of creating fully furnished homes for women and children rebuilding their lives after violent situations.

More than just a partnership; Pure Trio was born after owner, Trixie Wilson, witnessed a loved one’s personal experience with domestic violence. After her daughter left a seven year-long abusive relationship with nothing and needed to rebuild her life from the ground up, Trixie swore to support some of Australia’s most vulnerable.

Trixie’s mission is to reinforce to every Australian that they have the right to feel safe in their own home and bed, and hopes the donation empowers women to move on confidently into a life free from violence.

These women would not have had a comfortable night’s sleep in a long time and without basic household items like a bed, are at risk of returning back to violent situations,” Trixie said.

Having seen first-hand the mental, emotional and physical impact domestic and family violence has on someone, it sparked a need for me to do what I could to ensure all families in these situations had, at the very least, a comfortable and supportive mattress to sleep on.

Our hope is for RizeUp to never have to do a community call out for a mattress ever again,” she said.

On average, one Australian woman per week is killed by a current or former partner.

CEO and Founder of RizeUp Australia, Nicolle Edwards said mattresses are one of their most sought-after items.

On average, we need 20 mattresses each week, and we only accept quality mattresses – ones you might gift to a loved one,” Nicolle said.

Beds are an integral part of trauma recovery. To have a beautiful, clean bed made up with fresh linen, equates to a warm embrace from a community of people willing them on with hope and encouragement for a new start and a life free from violence.

These women are at the greatest risk of lethality. The support of Pure Trio helps us provide hope and stability for the at-risk families in our community who can finally rest soundly in a bed that’s safe and theirs.”

Pure Trio creates completely customisable, quality Australian made latex mattresses and is Australia’s only mattress in a box brand to offer a 12-month trial period.

To purchase a mattress and support vital services like RizeUp Australia, visit:


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