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Do you remember the time when your elders in the family used to wash all the clothes with the hand?

The modern invention in the modern world has changed the standard of living of people, and when talking about these modern inventions, one should also mention the great invention of the washing machine. In today's modern world where everyone is busy in their lives have hectic schedules and chaos, no one has time to wash all of their clothes with hand.

This magic invention named the washing machine, which saves time also helps in removing tough stains more quickly with lesser efforts as compared to that of with hands. So, everyone in today’s life who has the capacity of affording a washing machine is buying or using a coin laundromat Randwick facility to save their time and to make their lives easier. But buying a washing machine is not an as easy task as it seems and as using it because the new features introduced by different brands have made it difficult for buyers and users which washing machine to choose. So, here is a guide on seven things you should know about washing machine and what different brands now introduce new features in washing machines:


The first thing you should know about washing machine is the different kinds of sizes that are offered by different brands. The size of the machine depends on family members using one machine and how many days in a week they wash clothes. In a family with a larger number of people should opt for a machine with larger space and if a person who lives alone should consider buying a washing machine with a smaller size. One such example is of fully automatic machines which are comparatively lesser in size than that of the top-loaded machines.


Another important thing you should know about the washing machine is that some machines now have a dryer built-in. This dryer makes your work easier! It dries your clothes, so if you are one that hates to hang all your clothes every time you do laundry. Then to wait when will they dry then this new feature is what you should look while buying a washing machine because it not only dry clothes in lesser time but also saves time of the user which one can use in completing some other important tasks.


One should know about the spin cycle. It is the revolutions per minute (rpm) which shows how much time your machine will take to dry clothes. The revolution per minute depends on which type of clothes you want to wash, and it also depends on the type of fabric. So, the higher the rpm rate is in the washing machine, the more quickly it will dry your clothes. The spin cycle for drying delicate clothes is 300-500 rpm whereas the spin cycle for drying thicker clothes like jeans and denim is 1000 rpm.


Now you can control the temperature of your machine if it has a built-in temperature controller of the water. So, if you live in a country which faces freezing chilly winters and it feels like a tough job to do laundry in winters, then this temperature controller can help ease your laundry. It controls the temperature of the water, that means you can set how much hot or cold water you want to use while laundering. Thus, the temperature controller setting is of great importance.


PRE-SOAKING: The pre-soaking facility in machines allows it, user, to pre-soak the dirty clothes for a specified period, and after that time is over, the machine starts washing automatically. So, if you consider soaking your clothes before drying, then you should look for a machine which has a pre-soaking feature.

TIME DELAY FUNCTION: Are you one of them who hates the irritating noise washing machine makes? Then a time delay feature is made for you. With the time delay feature, you can start your machine and load it later.


Having a machine which itself controls how much time the clothes require washing washed; how much water s required and how much detergent is essential for cleaning the clothes is now possible. Washing machines hare now built with this special feature that controls all these functions and makes your previous boring laundry work super easy and comfy.


One more important thing a buyer and user of the washing machine should know is that of the material of the drum tub. The drum tub of a washing machine can either be of plastic, stainless steel or of porcelain enamel. All of these tubs have different pros and cons. For example, the washing machine with enamel tubs is less durable when compared to the washing machine with plastic tubs because plastic tubs can rust and chip easily. However, the best in all of the three is the washing machine made with stainless steel because they can control the higher spin speeds and are the most durable.


to conclude I would like to say that technology has created a positive impact in our lives by improving our standard of living and by easing our work. When it comes to easing our work, the best example is of the invention of the washing machine, which not only saves time of its user but also cleans the clothes more deeply. But there are some features that the buyers and users of the washing machine should know before buying and using it these tips are the drum tub material, smart washing features like time delay function, pre-soaking function and the temperature control. Setting all these features are of great importance and can save more time of the user so a user and buyer of the washing machine should know about all of these.

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