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SafeWatch: Empowering Mental Health Professionals Amidst Australia's Growing Crisis

As Australia grapples with an escalating mental health crisis, a new tech platform is providing a groundbreaking solution for mental health professionals. SafeWatch is a wellness app built on the “Village Approach to Wellbeing” concept that helps friends and colleagues provide support, care, and love to those who need it most.

Since its launch earlier this year, SafeWatch has been widely used by the mental wellness profession. It is a key tool for therapists and supervisors to manage their well-being and support within the therapists’ community.

SafeWatch offers a suite of features designed to address the unique challenges faced by therapists:

Mood Tracking: Monitors emotional states and identifies patterns over time

Personalised Wellness Journey: Provides tailored recommendations based on individual mental health profiles

Village Care Network: Facilitates peer and supervisor support, fostering a strong and supportive therapeutic community

Carol-Anne Howlett, Psychotherapist and Supervisor at The Red Chair Therapy stressed its importance: "SafeWatch is a vital tool for supporting supervisors and therapists, individually and collectively. The app, through the human element of the village, facilitates the recognition of the emotional challenges of our profession and provides effective support ".

SafeWatch fosters continuous support among mental health professionals, providing a safe space where practitioners can feel vulnerable and receive effective support, when needed. 

Shane Muller, founder and CEO of SafeWatch, said: "We are transforming mental health care from traditional isolated treatment to integrated community support. Our secure platform empowers therapists to also prioritise their own wellbeing whilst they care for others.”

"Our mission with SafeWatch is to break down the barriers of isolation experienced in the mental health field. By leveraging technology and allowing for real-time visibility on how therapists feel, we're creating an ecosystem where therapists can personally and professionally thrive."

"In an industry where the well-being of the caregiver is often overlooked, SafeWatch stands out by prioritising the mental health of those who dedicate their lives to helping others. Our platform ensures that no therapist has to navigate their personal challenges alone."

SafeWatch prioritises data privacy through blockchain and other distributed technology, addressing confidentiality concerns that often prevent people from using such technology.

Recent Australian mental health statistics underscore the App's relevance: 15% of Australians reported high or very high levels of psychological distress in 2023. 20% of Australians aged 16-85 experienced a mental disorder in the previous 12 months. In 2022, there were 3,318 deaths by suicide, making it a leading cause of death among people aged 15-44.

"Working in private practice can be isolating, and confidentiality restricts us from sharing our daily challenges," Howlett adds.

"SafeWatch ensures comprehensive self-care by connecting therapists with supervisors and peers for continuous support."

Mental health clinics and private practices report improved well-being among their staff, which leads to better client outcomes and a more positive work environment.

SafeWatch is available for download on iOS and Android platforms. For more information, visit


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