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Learning Pathways: A new online tool to create Australia’s benchmark for Excellence

Dementia Training Australia (DTA) has raised the bar for quality dementia care by launching its groundbreaking online tool, Learning Pathways. The innovative platform sets the standard for best practice and empowers individuals to choose quality training providers aligned with national standards.

“With Learning Pathways, every healthcare worker, aged care professional, and first responder in Australia gains access to top-tier training. The platform is a personalised tool that allows people to cater to their unique learning needs, from introductory to advanced. Users search and select training opportunities that best suit them to ultimately tailor a bespoke program for their individual or business needs,” said Dr. Isabelle Meyer, Executive Director of Dementia Training Australia.

The Federal Government tasked Dementia Training Australia with creating the National Dementia Education and Training Standards Framework, which will be released in July this year. The framework is a national benchmark for the skills and knowledge needed to provide quality dementia care and support.

Dementia Training Australia has collaborated with leading universities and aligned 130 courses and tools with the upcoming framework. Amidst global norms where clinical research typically takes seven years to evolve into practical training, Dementia Training Australia translates clinical research into courses that are delivered in less than two years and sometimes as quickly as nine months.

“Dementia Training Australia’s mission is to lift the bar on dementia training standards in Australia, and we’re doing that right now through world-class, evidence-based education and resources that are free and accessible to all right now.

“Dementia is Australia’s second leading cause of death and the leading cause in women. By 2031, nearly 20 percent of the population is expected to be over 65. The demand for care will only keep growing, and learning pathways will give Australians the highest quality, evidence-based education. It is essential for preparing a skilled workforce,” said Dr.Meyer.

For more information or to start your learning journey, visit the Learning Pathways website


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