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Delivio Partners with Impro to Bring AI-Powered Performance Coaching to Australia

Delivio, the leading business consulting firm dedicated to helping business work smarter, today announced it has partnered with Canadian-based firm Impro to bring its advanced AI-powered performance coaching capabilities to the Australian market.

Impro has developed a new generation of AI-augmented tools that revolutionise the way high-performance coaching is delivered in a business environment.  The tools are designed to augment human coaches and deliver a richer coaching experience to participants.

“Impro’s service offerings will be particularly valuable for Australian organisations faced with the challenge of managing corporate cultural change,” said Delivio Managing Director, Phil Lancaster. “Thanks to the inclusion of AI capabilities, supportive performance coaching can be provided to larger groups of people at a significantly lower cost than traditional coaching methods.”

The coaching experience

Impro’s approach to business performance coaching comprises two elements. There is one-to-one interaction between a participant and their coach as well as AI-powered recommendations that provide additional support and encouragement.

Lancaster said Impro’s AI tools allow responses to be tailored based on previous interactions and the messages received from participants.

“This ensures they receive the type of guidance and support they need at all times without placing additional workload on the human coaches,” he said. “This can be particularly valuable during periods of rapid cultural change such as that which occurs during business transformation or departmental change, for example.”

Impro achieves this through daily performance guidance with employees through its AI assisted but human led SaaS platform. 

Employees are supported to develop new mindsets, behaviours, habits and skills.  Indeed, the Impro platform identifies behavioural patterns across the organisation that represent critical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This provides strategic management insights to allow speedy and accurate solutions.

An ongoing business partnership

With the partnership between Delivio and Impro now in place, Lancaster said his company’s focus was on finding suitable consultants who were interested in taking the new performance coaching tools to the Australian corporate market.

“Impro’s AI-powered coaching capabilities are best suited to mid- and larger-sized organisations where properly supporting staff can have a significant positive impact on operations,” he said. “We will be looking for consultants with experience and expertise in this area.”

Josh Blair, Co-Founder and CEO, Impro, said, “Australia has always been an attractive market for us at Impro. Its robust economy, talented workforce, and cultural similarities to our existing markets make it a natural choice for expansion. We see a great opportunity to bring our unique AI-driven approach to help Australian businesses accelerate their growth and performance.

“At the same time, Delivio is a natural choice for us. They are already a user of the Impro platform and we are impressed by their expertise and commitment to using technology to drive business success.    Through our collaboration with Delivio, we aim to bring a significant change in how businesses in Australia approach growth and performance.  We look forward to introducing organisations to our unique, AI-driven solutions that provide daily performance guidance, improved KPI outcomes, and a continuous growth cycle.”

An industry pedigree

Before establishing Delivio in 2017 Lancaster founded several channel businesses that were responsible for bringing a diverse range of products and services to the Australian market.  These were companies at the emerging stage of their Australian market development, including Acronis Data Domain, ManageEngine, Sophos, Unitrends and Veeam.

“We’re now looking forward to working with Impro and excited about the positive impact which their software will provide in supporting Australian enterprises with improving people performance as their organisations continue on their transformation journeys,” said Lancaster.

Introductory webinar

To provide more details on the capabilities offered by Impro’s coaching tools, Delivio is holding an exclusive webinar on November 15th. This online event will include presentations by Impro Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Opher Brayer and guest business expert Michael Lappen. Further details can be found at:

About Delivio

Delivio is a business consultancy firm dedicated to helping businesses work smarter and grow faster. With over 20 years of experience in building businesses, assisting with acquisitions, and improving operations, Delivio has carved a niche in delivering successful results through efficient and integrated systems. For further information, please visit

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