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How to give your small business a new year health check

  • Written by Tamara Oppen, Vice President Developed English Markets for GoDaddy

If you are looking to get your small business off to a flying start in 2023, a new year business health check can help to set you up for success. Turning a fresh page with your small business in the new year doesn’t have to mean a complicated deep dive into business strategy or require a ream of butcher’s paper. In just a few simple steps, you can cover off some key focus areas that can make a big difference to your small business.

Put your best face forward online

Your website is often one of the first interactions you will have with a potential customer, so it pays to make sure it is still authentically representing you and your small business. Taking a little bit of time to look over your website content can identify some easy opportunities for improvement. Start with the basics like your contact details, social media links, descriptions and products. Then you can consider if the aesthetic is still relevant, and if you need to give your images or colour pallet a refresh.

Does your small business have growing pains?

If your website is noticing increased traffic or if your business has been growing, it is a good idea to check that your website hosting plan is still adequate. If you’ve experienced any performance troubles or lags on your website during busy purchase periods, you might be ready for an upgrade. Lagging websites often can test even the most loyal customers’ patience.

Protect your data

A cybercrime is reported every seven minutes in Australia, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, and a number of recent high profile cyber-attacks have increased the need to be vigilant. One way to help ensure you keep your small business customer data is safer, particularly if you operate an ecommerce website, is to install an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate creates a digital tunnel or an encrypted link between your customer’s web browser and your web server. It helps to ensure that data that’s shared is further protected.

Email market like a pro

The cost-of-living squeeze is on in 2023, increasing competition for discretionary customer dollars. Setting up an effective email marketing strategy is one way to help keep your small business front of mind for customers. Including a pop-up prompt on your website with a discount code or benefit for signing up for emails can be a great way to capture customers. For maximum effectiveness, make sure your marketing emails have a catchy subject line, a clear point of interest for your customer and are visually impactful.

Let your data do the talking

One of your best strategic resources is your small business data set. Website, sales and even social media data can be highly revealing and instructive, so it’s worth taking the time to review your 2022 performance. Identifying your busy periods and down times might tell you the best times for some new or targeted marketing opportunities or how to build in some business efficiencies.

Kick some goals in 2023

Setting some goals for your small business will help to guide your efforts and ensure you focus your precious time on the priority endeavours. When you sit down to consolidate and focus your list, make sure you are identifying SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. This can give you a better chance of achieving your aims.

Setting your business up for success this year does not have to be a laborious or brain-busting exercise. The practicable steps above can help you yield some actionable ideas with the power to give your business a boost.

Tamara Oppen is the Vice President Developed English Markets for GoDaddy. GoDaddy is the company that helps Australian entrepreneurs thrive. For simple tech solutions to help make your life as a business owner easier, visit

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