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New Medical Cannabis Growing Facility Opens in Brisbane

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG), one of the largest growers and producers of medicinal cannabis in the country, has acquired a licensed cultivation and pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Brisbane. 


The commercial-scale operation, expected to quadruple production capacity, enables the entire range of ANTG’s cultivars to become available to patients in new formats such as extracts, soluble, and pastilles. 


“It’s a welcome development for both patients and doctors as we introduce additional dosage formats and ultimately more therapeutic pathways in the patient journey” says Australian Natural Therapeutics Group CEO and founder Matt Cantelo. 


The new facility, housing multiple indoor cultivation rooms and fourteen GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) areas, allows ANTG to enhance its specialised genetic breeding program and bolster its flower production capacity. 

And in a boost for the domestic medicinal cannabis industry, the Brisbane facility will provide broader Australian industry utilisation in outsourced manufacturing.  


“Up until now our focus has been largely on cultivation. This facility enables us to alleviate industry bottlenecks by increasing our manufacturing capacity, resulting in more Australian product,” says Cantelo. 


Medicinal cannabis is now used by tens of thousands of Australians, with latest data from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) showing that more than 110,000 medicinal cannabis approvals were issued this year alone. 


New research from the University of Sydney's Lambert Initiative also found that while many Australians are still medicating with illicit cannabis, the number of people accessing prescription products has risen dramatically. 


The survey found 37 percent of respondents had received a legal prescription for medicinal cannabis – a significant increase from the 2.5 percent of respondents reporting prescription use in the 2018 iteration of the CAMS survey. 




About Australian Natural Therapeutics Group 


Formed in 2015, ANTG is a leader in the cultivation and advancement of medicinal cannabis research in Australia. The company was granted one of the first licenses to produce large quantities of medicinal cannabis oil for commercial use, meeting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GACP (Good Agricultural Collection Practice) standards. It also partners with research organisations including the University of Newcastle and Western Sydney University, to unlock the therapeutic potential for medicinal cannabis patients. 


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