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New Online Shopping Subscription Service Launches: Want it. Snaffle it!

  • Written by Snaffle’s Chief Marketing Officer Paul Winslow

Snaffle wallet offers bite-sized payments for smart consumers

Leading online retail business, Snaffle, has reinvented the way consumers get the products they want with a new Subscription model. Snaffle Subscription offers a new, automated, more financially savvy way for people to acquire their household, business, technology, leisure, and entertainment products.

“Snaffle offers astute Australians a way to get the products they want without outlaying huge sums of cash up front, using a credit card, or relying on short-term Buy Now Pay Later services,” says Paul Winslow, Snaffle’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Snaffle is essentially the smart payment option for consumers.”

The new Snaffle Subscription features a weekly wallet allowance that can be used to purchase hundreds of products on their website at reduced prices. Their wallet size is determined by Snaffle’s proprietary online application assessment tool.

“The impact of Covid has brought uncertainty to so many people and that will remain even as we come out of lockdown. We’re offering people a way to look after today while ensuring there are no surprises tomorrow,” says Paul.

Laptops, televisions and mobile phones are the top search queries for customers visiting Snaffle. “The new Samsung and Apple mobile phones are getting people excited,” said Winslow, “but as we have such a wide offering, we also help people with furniture, white goods and leisure goods. Snaffle offers an easy way to upgrade tech and other household items without a huge financial outlay, allowing consumers to budget and plan their expenditure.”

“Snaffle’s sector- leading products appeal to uni students, flatmates, graduates, young professionals, and families,” says Paul. “Our customers are accessing products that improve their wellbeing, living conditions, and increasing workplace and work from home efficiency.”

Snaffle Subscription - How it Works:

  • A customer creates their wallet, and the value of the wallet is determined via their online application.
  • Wallet value can be redeemed against products on Snaffle’s website. Customers can choose to deduct payments on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.
  • Products are delivered to the customer’s door.
  • When a product is paid off the weekly payment amount for that product is put back in their wallet.

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