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Alessio Cicero Shares eCommerce Platform, KeepBu's Expansion Plans in the US, Africa and Asia

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Las Palmas, Spain--(Newsfile Corp. - January 25, 2022) - KeepBu's General Manager and successful eCommerce entrepreneur Alessio Cicero today shared the company's plans to expand its wings in the United States. KeepBu is an online e-commerce website that offers a very different system from all the businesses that are currently active across the globe. The platform makes sure that they answer the questions about what people are looking forward to:

  • A person who loves to save,

  • A person who loves to earn,

  • A person who loves financial tranquility,

  • A person asks for transparency.

  • A person who loves to have fun,

  • And all with a blend of buying and saving altogether.

Alessio Cicero Shares eCommerce Platform, KeepBu's Expansion Plans in the US, Africa and Asia


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KeepBu works on innovations and brings in new things for its clients, inventing new ideas and launching them for the benefit of their customers and members. "What KeepBu offers is a life-changing opportunity for its clients and workers. They work on the grounds of saving where they have 1500+ high-quality products on their exclusive platform. Clients can go on buying their favorite brands with 40% discounts," shares Alessio Cicero.

All set with this, KeepBu brings in the criteria of selling their electronic money to their members. Alessio Cicero has made KeepBu become a very well-established company in Europe and Asia, is soon planning to enter the US market and Africa.

Working wonderfully with their members and clients, KeepBu is growing by growing its client's hand in hand. Cicero has been a General Manager of KeepBu since he first shopped there. The company seemed to have come about at the right time, just when producers began to focus on the end client. Cicero wanted to be a part of the flow, so he jumped in almost immediately. "I valued them because they valued every other customer and me. I felt it was something that our world desperately needed. It felt good to be a part of the revolution," said Cicero.

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