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Heroic Hearts Project, Entheo Digital, PurMinds NeuroPharma, HAVN Life Sciences Inc., to Take Stage at Psychedelic Capital: January 2022

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Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - January 24, 2022) - Microdose Psychedelic Insights[1], the leading guide to the business of psychedelics will be hosting the upcoming Psychedelic Capital: January 2021 Conference in an entirely virtual format on January 27th, 2021 starting at 1:30pm EST.

The virtual event will provide attendees with access to some of the top companies, latest IPOs, newest opportunities and deepest industry insights within the psychedelics sector.

This month's conference features dynamic presentations from Heroic Hearts Project, Entheo Digital, PurMinds NeuroPharma,HAVN Life Sciences Inc.[2][3][4][5]

Heroic Hearts Project[6]offers a proprietary program to veterans who are interested in pursuing psychedelic treatment options. Heroic Hearts Project primarily works with ayahuasca retreat centers due to the powerful effect it has shown to have on healing PTSD. The Heroic Hearts Project program has been designed to ensure veterans get the most out of this valuable opportunity and are set up for success when they return home.

Entheo Digital [7]

Entheo Digital is a digital therapeutics company pursuing the creation of a wellness technology marketplace at the intersection of psychedelic therapy and experiential medicine. The company is growing the accessibility and scalability of psychedelic therapy with immersive virtual experiences.

PurMinds NeuroPharma[8]

PurMinds NeuroPharma is pursuing breakthrough solutions for devastating neurological disorders with a special emphasis on neurodegenerative diseases. We strive to deliver the right drugs to the right patients by utilizing technology and championing next generation drug development approaches. Drug development for neurological disorders has been marred with failure due to imperfect modelling of human diseases in pre-clinical studies and inadequate stratification within patient recruitment for clinical trials. We use multi-omics analyses of diseased and healthy Human iPSC-derived neurons to better understand the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative diseases, which enables us to design personalized, precision neurotherapeutics.

HAVN Life Sciences[9] is a biotechnology company pursuing standardized extraction of psychedelic compounds for the creation of APIs, the development of natural health products, and innovative therapies to support brain health and enhance the capabilities of the mind. Through its research division, HAVN Labs, the company has developed an end-to-end supply chain of standardized, naturally derived psychedelic compounds for research that will define the future of modern medicine. With its new line of natural health products, HAVN Life offers a full range of high-quality mushroom and plant extracts that help boost immune function, reduce inflammation and support a healthy lifestyle.

Explore the Schedule*All times are Eastern Standard Time Zone.

1:30pm: IntroductionFeaturing Patrick Moher and Richard Skaife.

1:45pm: Doing Good Presentation - Heroic Hearts ProjectFeaturing Jesse Gould.

2:05pm: Entheo DigitalFeaturing Robin Arnott, and Sandeep Prakash.

2:40pm: Public vs Private MarketsFeaturing Richard Skaife, Bill O'Hara, and Matthew King.

3:15pm: PurMinds NeuroPharmaFeaturing Susan Chapelle, and Janet Qi.

3:50pm: What Will 2022 Look LikeFeaturing Cody Shandraw, Sara Brittany Somerset, Tesla La Touche, Doug Drysdale.

04:25pm: HAVN Life SciencesFeaturing Tim Moore.

Additional information about the Psychedelic Capital: January 2022 Conference, as well as details for registration, can be found on the Psychedelic Capital conference website at the following link:[10].


About Microdose Psychedelic Insights:

Microdose Psychedelic Insights is your guide to the psychedelic medicine industry. With a vision to shift the world's perception of psychedelic medicine, we distribute and create the most compelling content, financial analysis, engaging events, and groundbreaking education to drive the psychedelics industry to the forefront of modern medicine.

About Psychedelic Capital:

This bi-monthly online event programming is dedicated to providing investment grade information for the nascent psychedelic sector and presents a curated group of CEOs, financial experts, thought leaders and investment luminaries from around the globe. Presentations are 30 minutes in length, with 10 minutes always allocated to a one-on-one Q&A's session with the audience. Psychedelic Capital features the top companies, latest IPOs, newest opportunities and deepest insights into the emerging psychedelic space.

Event Contact:

Microdose Psychedelic[11]

To view the source version of this press release, please visit[12]


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