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OwlTable Classifieds website for online work kicks off during Covid 19

  • Written by Cara Barilla

During this unfortunate time of business loss, there’s an opening in opportunity for those who can pursue their business online.

For those who has an online business or who can transfer their services to online only there is an online classifieds that helps many working from home families across the globe to not only gain loyal clients, exposure and consistency in work, but importantly family income to help fight through these unfortunate times.

Many Australians have recently moved their business to online only work which has increased their family time, lowered their stress levels and created personalised working comfort.

Owl table is an online only service directory where millions of people can search for only virtual services! You can list your business for free and let your online business come to life in the comfort of millions of homes.

Their motto states:

“On With Life Together, because we are able!”

During this unfortunate financial crisis, millions of workers are surrendering to Centrelink, selling personal assets and belongings to upkeep their rent and monthly bills.

Millions of housebound individuals are  looking for only online services for their families. Online tutoring, leisure, exercise and even therapies have comfortably transitioned to Zoom, Skype meetings and Instagram video calls.

OwlTable is an online only service directory where millions of people can search for only virtual services. Registering today is completely free and you can search for your ideal virtual service whether you need a family tutor, online course, new yoga instructor & view thousands of virtual small businesses in the comfort of your own home!

This is the society that westernised life has transitioned into. As the the worlds only virtual online business directory, OwlTable is keeping their membership completely free with no sign up fee, costs and no credit card exchange which is a breath of fresh air to millions of families around the world.

OwlTable is the place to Find a local virtual service instantly and to list your online business for free!

Connecting to a virtual service at the comfort of your own home is the new lifestyle movement of 2020.

“Stay at home - get the work done!

Where virtual services come alive

The only virtual job service hub” Has been many customers reward to work from home.

Westerners are slowly gravitating to an all virtual service and having a service done without leaving the house.

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