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3 Things That Set Apart a “Career” From a “Job”

When it comes to earning a living, there's a big difference between a “job” and something we refer to as a career. Although these two words are often used interchangeably, there are notable differences between them. 

Even though a job may provide the same kind of compensation as a career, a career encompasses so much more than just a paycheck. Understanding the difference between what makes a career a career and a job simply a job can help you make better decisions about your direction in life. It can help you plan a comfortable retirement, and anticipate what the future holds for you. Here are the key differences that set apart a career from just a job.


When you get a job somewhere, chances are you're probably not thinking about necessarily staying there forever. A job is often seen as something short-term, and a bridge to something else. It's there to pay for your expenses and cover your basic needs. However, when you pursue a career in something, indicates a long-term commitment to a particular industry or company. 

It involves continuous learning and brushing up on your skills. People who consider themselves in a career as opposed to having a job are always looking for new opportunities and ways to grow. When they clock out at the end of the day, their job doesn't stop. They live sleep breathe and eat their professional passion, and as such, it brings them great fulfillment!

Personal Growth

There's something incredibly satisfying about pursuing a career in something as opposed to simply finding a job. Seeking challenges and achieving goals can be incredibly important for building your confidence, and ultimately advancing in life. When you're motivated to be the best at something, you're constantly finding ways to improve yourself not only in your work but also as a human being.

While some people who merely only have jobs may not understand why “career”  people are so obsessed with their work, this is because they don't have the same passion. If you find a career that you're truly passionate about, then it will never feel like you're working, but rather playing.


When you get up in the morning and go to a job, it gives you a certain reassurance that you're going to be able to pay your bills. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it gives you purpose. Rather than being a means to an end, a career is your purpose in life. It's not something you do just to be able to cover the rent or pay for your groceries, but rather something that drives you to get out of bed every single day. Going to a job may not invoke this same kind of passion and motivation. Because a job doesn't always necessarily align with your personal passions and interests, but rather is there to pay for your needs.


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