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Brisbane Flooding Leaves Creepy Crawly Problems for Hospitality Industry

  • Written by Keith Jacobs, Third Generation Brisbane Commercial Pest Control specialist

Flash flooding creates problems for everyone but it's particularly challenging for the hospitality industry. Brisbane continues to struggle with flooding, and it's also an issue across the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay Region, and Logan.

With road closures and evacuation warnings across south-east Queensland, the exceptional rainfall is wreaking havoc on the private sector and the locals.

The hospitality industry has been under pressure in the past few years, with supply chain issues to battle, staff shortages, and rapidly rising costs. Now, there is a fresh hell to battle against thanks to the rains – pests.

I’m Keith Jacobs, a third-generation Brisbane Commercial Pest Control specialist, and pests are one thing I know plenty about.

Hospitality Businesses Under Pressure

A sudden onset of rain pushes burrowing creatures out of the ground, disturbing them and forcing them into searching for a safe haven. It also sends creepy crawlies looking for cover, with floods creating ideal conditions for a host of insects.

Even with commercial cleaning, you are still vulnerable to pests and hatching eggs during flood season. A flooding incident is a reset on previous pest control efforts.

Whether your premises flooded, or flooding was simply in the surrounding areas, your pest control has been washed away, so you're starting from scratch. Bait traps have likely moved, preventative steps have gone out the window, food has been disturbed, and there may be potential damage to the building from heavy rains.

The biggest risks following flooding include rodents, mosquitoes drawn to standing water, cockroaches, and flies. Rats gnaw, so there could be damage to your wiring or fixtures and fittings. Even if there are no obvious signs of rodent activity, it might be wise to call a pest controller.

Flood debris provides creepy crawlies with the ideal breeding ground, which can occur so rapidly that even a deep clean won't eradicate the issue. The quicker you call a pest control expert, the easier it will be to recover from an infestation. The hospitality industry is too fragile to take big risks with potential pests. For individual hospitality outlets, a pest infestation could be disastrous.

Necessary Measures Post-Flooding

If your business premises were affected by flooding, you shouldn't reopen your business immediately. The first step should be thorough cleaning and disinfection. You don't know what type of bacteria or waste could be in flood water. If food is damaged or potentially contaminated, it should be destroyed and disposed of double-bagged to avoid attracting pests.

Keep a record of your steps to remediate post-flooding issues, from food disposal to commercial cleaning bills and pest control advice. The more detailed your paperwork, the greater your due diligence records, if necessary.

Above all, stay safe.


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