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Dedicated teams model for your business

Dedicated teams are business models that represent agreements between a client and a service provider (outstaffing company). Such companies provide customers with software development specialists selected according to the project's needs, skills, and experience. The client can manage the team independently or delegate these functions to an outstaffing company. Hiring a dedicated team has several advantages, such as simple pricing, which includes monthly payments consisting of specialist salaries and outstaffing company fees, including administrative overhead.

Dedicated teams are suitable for projects where the amount of work can vary during the progress, and requirements may change during project flow.

Dedicated teams are created to compensate for the lack of necessary expertise within the existing business and ensure the smooth work of the project.

How do dedicated teams work?

To ensure seamless work of the project, the process of staffing specialists for dedicated teams consists of the following stages:

  • The business representatives must explain to the outstaffing provider the peculiarities of their project and particular needs in detail (how many people they need and which knowledge they should have);
  • Outstaffing company has a pool of IT professionals, where HRs look chooses people that meet the requirements of the project;
  • The dedicated team is created and begins to work. 
  • The business can receive management control over the project and a dedicated team.

Such an approach ensures high team efficiency and motivation because dedicated team members work on only one project and are interested in success. They have an understanding of the business needs and how to combine it with the technical part of the work. 

Who is on the dedicated team?

Dedicated teams can be created according to the needs of specific projects, and specialists are employed in a dedicated team depending on business requirements. The most common dedicated team can consist of:

  • Front-end and back-end, 
  • Full-Stack engineers;
  • UX/UI designers;
  • DevOps engineers;
  • mobile developers;
  • Business analysts;
  • QA Specialists;
  • Product and project managers.

Staffing companies can provide flexible solutions for different business needs depending on the product the client is developing.

Benefits of a dedicated team

Dedicated teams have some advantages. The main advantage for business is the minimum period between the decision to launch a new project and the start of work.

In addition, dedicated teams have several other advantages, which, in each individual case, can be decisive for the customer. For example:

  • the monthly budget is planned in advance;
  • the costs of searching and hiring the necessary specialists are reduced;
  • employees concentrate on a specific project and deal only with it;
  • specialists better understand the specifics of the product and customer requirements;
  • it is possible to adjust the composition of the team during the development of the project;
  • the customer and team members are in constant contact, which increases efficiency;
  • the customer does not need to pay for office, administrative costs, etc.
  • teams are easily scalable; the number of people working on a project can quickly increase or decrease.

Another critical point is that the project's long-term value increases due to the accumulated experience and knowledge.

Who can benefit from dedicated teams?

Dedicated teams are well-suited for startups and working businesses. This solution is suitable for the project in the following cases:

  • a startup starts a project from scratch and is looking for workers with relevant experience;
  • large companies start new projects or expand existing ones, and there is a need to expand engineering teams.

By hiring a dedicated team, the customer receives experts with extensive experience and knowledge in a particular field. This is an effective alternative to hiring permanent employees. Such cooperation is mutually beneficial and economically practical for the customer, the employees, and the outstaffing company.


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