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Breadcrumb SEO Optimisation Best Practices for 2022

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Engagement is a crucial trait needed in every online content. A first step to getting engagement is making your site visible to draw visitors. The best way to make your site visible is by simply making your site or its content rank higher in search engines through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The criteria for SEO have constantly been changing, given that they are designed to satisfy clients or customers' ever-changing needs. Despite the constant change in criteria, the principle remains the same; a site should offer visitors the best user experience.

When designing a site for SEO, a tip is to adopt breadcrumb SEO practices. This SEO practice helps ensure your site maintains top quality while improving the user experience. Typically, it gives your site a higher SEO ranking making it visible.

However, there is an ongoing shift where most internet visitors access online content through mobile devices. Hence, the need to optimize your site and contents while considering this shift. Furthermore, it is possible to implement breadcrumb SEO practices in the design of your site to make it mobile-first. This step gives your site more visibility and ensures a quality user experience. This article highlights breadcrumb SEO practices for a mobile-first strategy.

What is Breadcrumb Navigation?

This secondary navigation consists of contextual links indicating where the user is on a page. It also serves as a guide to help visitors quickly find information when navigating a site. The best user experience requires a site to be easily accessible and understandable; breadcrumb Navigation links help achieve this.

There are different kinds of breadcrumb navigation that can be used on a site. It is essential to identify each navigation and how to use them. They are:

  • Path-based: This displays a user’s journey through a page to the present location on the page. This kind is not ideal for SEO as it gives a bulky and long user experience which can be confusing sometimes.

  • Attribute-based: This kind displays the attribute of a product or service offered on a page. E-commerce websites mostly use it. Learn more about eCommerce SEO.

  • Location-based: This involves ranking a site’s content in order of hierarchy because it visualizes the site’s depth. It starts with the broadest topic on the site and orders it down to the topic with the smallest content. It is the best option for SEO and improved user experience as users cannot get confused when navigating.

Some Useful Breadcrumb SEO Practices for A Mobile-first Strategy

As mentioned earlier, there is a need to create a user experience considering visits from mobile devices. These are some tips to help:

  1. Breadcrumb links are guides and, as such, should be readily and consistently available. Hence, ensure to include breadcrumb links on every page.

  2. These links should be visible where users can easily access them. A tip is to place it beneath the primary navigation menu and above the H1.

  3. These links should be easy for users to understand.

  4. Use symbolic separators when ordering like (>) to show which content is broader than the other.

  5. Keep the design simple and precise. It should be something visible, so users know that this link will help them navigate the page.


The benefit of breadcrumb SEO practices is that they help your content rank higher, generating more clicks while giving the site contents better indexing.

If you’d like to learn more about breadcrumb SEO best practices for 2022, consult an award winning Gold Coast SEO company.

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