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Best Polish Universities for International Students

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Studying at universities in Poland, one of the countries with the fastest growing economy and youngest population in Europe, is becoming more popular every year. In Poland, both education and living expenses are quite economical. The high quality of education directs international students from many countries to study in Poland. Although Polish is the official language spoken in the country, English education is given in departments such as Medicine, Engineering, Business and Pharmacy in many universities of the country. If you are also looking for a university in Poland, we will talk about everything you need to know below.

General Information

It is enough for candidates who want to study in Poland to be high school graduates. Students are not required to be successful in the university entrance exam in their home country to be placed in a university. Polish universities accept students in line with the courses they have taken in high school, their success, qualifications and preferences. Higher education in Poland can be accessed in English or Polish. Undergraduate education at Polish universities lasts three years, but in some engineering departments, this period increases to 4 years. However, as in many other countries, Medical education takes six years, and Pharmacy & Dentistry education takes five years.

The annual tuition fees of Polish universities are around 3,000 - 4,500 Euros. If you choose to receive your education in the local language, Polish, these fees can be reduced to 1,000 Euros. Although the fees of departments such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy increase slightly in Poland as in other countries, it is generally around 9,000 - 13,000 EUR, and this is a very economical fee for medical school education. In this context, Poland is one of the most economical countries to study in Europe.

Best Polish Universities




Warsaw University of Social Sciences (SWPS)


The best private university in Poland for psychology undergraduate and master's programs.

Warsaw University


One of Poland's well-established universities. It is among the leading educational institutions not only in Poland but also in the world. The university, where around 60 thousand students enroll each year, offers the highest quality of education.

Jagiellonian University


It holds the title of being the second oldest university in Europe. Offering 170 different programs, the university also has master’s and doctoral programs.

Adam Mickiewicz University


The university hosts nearly 50 thousand students and provides education in a wide variety of fields such as law, economics and medicine.

Lazarski University


In 2015, it was chosen as the best university in Poland. Lazarski is a private university, and it is among the best educational institutions in the country with its modern campus and high-quality education.

Wroclaw University of Technology


A well-established university where quality engineering education costs only 3,000 EUR per year. It has nearly 35 thousand students and 16 different faculties.

Gdansk Medical University


A university that has been teaching medicine for centuries. It is one of Europe's oldest higher education institutions and has around 6 thousand students in 4 different faculties.

Poznan University of Technology


Poznan University of Technology, which has a history of almost 100 years, is especially famous for its studies in the field of communication. Hosting more than 25 thousand students, it is one of the universities frequently preferred by students due to its modern campus.

Technical University of Lodz


This university, which provides education in English, Polish and French, stands out with its engineering departments.

Warsaw University of Technology


It is among the best technical universities in Europe in fields such as aircraft and space, mechatronics, computers and energy.

Educational Accommodation

Although some universities in Poland accept applications starting in the second term (February), undergraduate and master's education starts in October in universities across the country. For this reason, it is possible to see thousands of foreign students in the country in September and October. University dormitories are the most preferred accommodation options. However, although universities in cities other than Warsaw mostly provide dormitories, most Warsaw universities do not have dormitories and direct students to their contracted hostel-style accommodation. Since dormitory capacities are limited, it is particularly important to apply for accommodation early. The monthly dormitory fees of Polish universities range from €100 to €250.

In addition to these, almost every country has agencies that help people who want to study in Poland. If you use one of these agencies, you can also choose the “student housing” option offered by them for accommodation. These are single, double or 3-4-person houses which are generally located remarkably close to universities. Student homes are charged between €200 and €400 per month, depending on the choice of single or more crowded rooms. Of course, single rooms are more comfortable for studying (because nobody will disturb you by playing Polish casino online games, watching movies or listening to music.) All the electricity, water, gas and internet needs of the houses are covered by the administration of these houses, students only pay monthly for bills. Students who want to stay in these houses can sign a contract for 6-7 months and leave the house or continue their accommodation at the end of the contract.

In addition, many private hostels only serve students and work like private dormitories. Students who do not want to use the university dormitory or student house options can stay in such hostels. Short-term accommodation is possible in private dormitories with a monthly fee ranging from €200 to €400: after staying for a month, the student can search for another accommodation option and leave the private dormitories.

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