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VR and Mobile Casinos would become an engine for the evolution of gambling

  • Written by Anna Melnikova

Based on recent monitoring data, the need for Internet gambling services and sports betting is skyrocketing, as more and more users prefer the comfort of gambling on their PCs and smartphones.


Meanwhile, practice shows that the online gambling business has a huge road ahead of it in order to find the success that land-based casinos can well boast of, especially if they want to surpass it. Nonetheless, online gambling is undoubtedly becoming very mainstream among consumers, and its credibility in the gambling industry will continue to grow rapidly in the future years.


Let us remind you that Juniper Research, a company that specializes in online market research, recently published a study on how online casino games will evolve over the next 3 years. The firm's analysts also published their outlook on the total amount of bets that are likely to be placed in 2024.


As noted by analysts, several important areas have taken shape recently within the rise of the online gaming industry:


  • * First of all, mobile e-devices are becoming more widespread and the number of app downloads is also increasing, thus benefiting the field of online gaming;
  • * and secondly, the appearance of more and more competitors in the market. Among them, there are those who are oriented only to supply gaming setups for customers, meanwhile other famous land-based casino brands are opening players' access to online games.


The ever increasing availability of 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi networks should also be regarded as a key factor influencing the rise of online gambling. At the same time, it is worth noting the desire of users to make online purchases, which simplifies and upgrades their gaming experience.


Juniper Research analysts say in their report that it is quite possible that by the close of the year, the amount of money won will be as much as $800 billion. It is also assumed that by 2024 it will grow to nearly a trillion dollars. Online betting from Europe, followed by North America, the Far East and China will probably contribute to this prediction.


Reportedly, based on this study, betting will increase due to the use of new IT, such as VR. Overall, this will have a very favorable effect on the casino industry and the level of customer activity.


A Full Immersion: the VR technology in Gambling

But what is VR? We are talking about hardware and software elements to be reproduced with the help of special devices and monitors. At present you can find all kinds of simulators and panoramic visuals.


In the case of gambling itself, virtual reality technology allows you to "go" to the casino by simply putting on glasses and running the necessary software.


Advantages of total immersion:


  • * ability to play with multiple objects (tactile perception);
  • * direct contact with the dealer and another users;
  • * brilliant experience;
  • * wonderful visual performance on the display.


To illustrate, we recommend you to consider the world's first VR platform - the Spanish casino "SlotsMillion", opened in 2015. Anyone can explore in detail every piece of the interior, feel the gaming tables and slots, and enjoy the scene from the window (panoramic image).


To the attention of players are about forty slot games with stunningly lifelike graphics. Another benefit is the teamwork feature (up to twenty people can play simultaneously).


Mobile technology and virtual reality are the hottest trends in the world of gambling. The constant development of the industry and the search for new exciting solutions are fundamentally changing the gambling market. It's time to create competitive and unique products that will win the hearts of even the most demanding gamers.


Our team is ready to offer a number of ready-made solutions, as well as exclusive project development services. Our catalog includes a wide range of content for live games, card and slot games in 3D and much more.


Get in touch with our specialists to keep up with the latest innovations in the world of gambling. Become a part of the most lucrative and prospective industry today!

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